European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was established in 1991, when the states of Central and Eastern European communist system collapsed and the former Soviet bloc countries needed support to nurture a new private sector in a democratic environment. Today the EBRD uses investment instruments in order to build market economies and democracies in 29 countries – from Central Europe to Central Asia.
The EBRD is the largest investor in the region and beyond its mobilizes significant foreign direct investment. It is owned by 60 countries and two international organizations. However, although its shareholders and representatives of the State, the Bank invests mainly in private enterprises, usually together with commercial partners. Continue reading

Organizational and legal forms of enterprisesEnterprise – is a self-entity created (established) in accordance with applicable law for the production of products, execution of works or services in order to meet public needs and profit.
After the state registration of the company recognized as a legal entity and can participate in economic circulation. It has the following features:
The company must have in their property, economic management or operational management of separate property; Continue reading

All about Forex. Foreign exchange tradingForex – an abbreviation of the expression Foreign Exchange Operations, which translates as “currency conversion operations.” This kind of operations constitute a large proportion of the total world financial market. If the share of securities trading accounts for about $ 300 billion a day, Forex market exceeds this value is more than three times.
To date since the foreign exchange market came after 1973, when the EU member states abandoned the fixed exchange rate. Continue reading

Investment companies and investment mechanism in the UKIf Americans are the most popular way to invest money is to buy shares of mutual funds or open-end investment companies, and, moreover, extended closed-end investment company, the UK counterparts were the first so-called unit trusts (or unit trusts), and the second – investment trusts .
Unit trust (unit trust)
Total assets of unit trusts today is 141 billion pounds, and the total net proceeds from the sale of shares reached a record high of 1.4 billion pounds.
The name “unit trust” is derived from the English word “unit”, which means “share” or “share a single payment,” and of “trust” – “trust.” In other words, the meaning is that the investor transfers in trust their cash contributions. Continue reading

History and modern forms of monetary integrationSince the second half of the XX century, the global economy is increasingly possible to find such a thing as monetary integration. Monetary integration takes place both between industrialized countries such as the European Union and North American countries, and the developing countries of Southeast Asia, South America and Africa, as well as countries with economies in transition – such as the CIS and Eastern Europe .
Meanwhile, as the notion of monetary integration, and its practical implementation have appeared in the middle of the XIX century. Continue reading

History of the development of the international currency market. Major World CurrenciesThe international currency market FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market) is a set of operations on purchase and sale of foreign currency, and the provision of loans for specific conditions (amount, exchange rate, interest rate) with the implementation of a certain date. The main participants of the foreign exchange market are commercial banks, currency exchanges, central banks, firms that conduct foreign trade transactions, investment funds, brokerage companies; growing directly involved in currency transactions individuals. Continue reading

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